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Text 1: Bird Story - Thai Ngan Tiaw Kit Hi

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Sorry for the small background chat in sentence 6,7, and 8. It was a collaborative effort.

1 Jiw     jit    pu   ngit, thai  ngan tiaw  nyam to jit    tang  mo.
have  one past day  big   eye   bird  pick  up one   ?    hair.
'One day, big-eyed bird picked up a hat.'
2 Ki        khon  to  kai    mo  an       senchi,   ke     liaw   ki  chichi co'    ki.
3.SG   see    ?   that   hat   very    funny,    after  finish he  try     wear 3.SG
'He thinks that hat is very funny, so he tries to put it on"
3 Co'    liaw mo,  ki      hang  kay.     Ngi   to jit    ca' tiaw. Kai   ca' tiaw chin siaw   ki,      khon to ki      co'    an sen chi kay mo.
wear after hat, 3.SG walk around. Meet ?  one CL bird. That CL bird very laugh 3.SG, see    ?  3.SG wear a  funny    that hat.
"After wearing that hat, he walks around. He meets another bird. That bird laughed at him because his funny looking hat."
4 Thai ngan tiaw kit   hi,      ke    liaw   ki      pyong ha       ki      mo,  tong  si       ki        hang cew.
big  eye   bird hurt heart, after finish 3.SG  put     down 3.SG   hat,  right away  3.SG   walk away.
"Big-eyed bird was hurt so he put down the hat and swiftly walked away."
5 Khon to kai   mo  mo jung, kai    ca'  tiaw  nyam hi   ki.
see    ?  that  hat  no   use,  that  CL  bird  pick   up 3.SG.
"Seeing no one is using that hat, a bird picked it up."
6 Kai  mo, ki       kiam loy      co      tiaw  tew.   Pun thai ngan khon to,  ke    liaw   ki      ma     kai  ca'  tiaw.
that  hat  3.SG  take  come  make  bird  nest.  give big  eye   see    ?   after finish  3.SG scold that CL  bird.
"He took that hat and made it a nest. When big-eyed bird saw this, he then scolded that bird."
7 Thai ngan tiaw  kiam con   ki      mo loy     cok.   Kai  ca'  tiaw  ng  fon  hi,         jinbuy     ki       phu kin cai      lo'       ki     mo. 
big   eye    bird take  back 3.SG hat come  wear. that  CL bird  no  like breath    because 3.SG  roost ?  small  inside 3.SG hat.
"Big-eyed bird took back his hat to wear it. The other bird disliked it because he was taking care of an egg inside the hat."
8 Thai ngan   tiaw  co'    kin ki      mo  kay sithu, chi   to    jiw   tungsi  thinthung.
big    eyed  bird  wear ?    3.SG hat  that time,  feel that have thing    move
"Big-eyed bird wore the hat right away and felt something inside moving."
9 Thai ngan tiaw cha'       ki      mo,  titi          lo'      ki      mo  jiw   tiaw cai    jang chut  se.
big   eye   bird take off 3.SG hat, suddenly inside 3.SG hat  have bird small just  out   little.
"Big-eyed bird took off his hat and suddenly, a small little bird comes out from his egg frame."
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