Passive seismic survey -- North coast area, Hawaii County on state lands

A roving, passive seismic survey was conducted in the area from east of Mauna Kea northwest through Kohala during the period of April 5 to May 22, 1978, by Microgeophysics Corporation for Atlantic Richfield Company. Six to ten microearthquake recording stations were operational on anyone day. A nominal nine-station array was modified at a rate of two to three stations per day, until all stations in the survey had been occupied. Each station was therefore typically occupied for three to four days. Some stations were moved after only one recording day in order to increase the instrument gain and reduce the noise level. Station locations were determined by considerations of specific array geometry, access and coverage of the survey area. Appendix I is a listing of the stations on state land, dates of their operation and the number of records obtained from each. A base map showing all locations on state land is in the pocket. Copies of the smoked-paper seismograms obtained at these stations, presented separately, are arranged in packets on a station-by-station basis. Each station packet consists of an identifying cover sheet and the seismogram copies arranged chronologically by Julian Day. No digital tape records were made.
Includes 1 map.
seismicity, geothermal exploration, microearthquakes, Mauna Kea, Kohala, Big Island, Hawaii
Micro Geophysics Corporation. 1978. Passive seismic survey -- North coast area, Hawaii County on state lands. Wheat Ridge (CO): Micro Geophysics Corporation.
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