Geothermal public health assessment : findings and recommendations

Adler, Peter S.
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The Geothermal Public Health Assessment Study Group
"In September, 2012 Hawai‘i Island Mayor William Kenoi asked Peter S. Adler, PhD of ACCORD3.0 if he would organize an independent “joint fact finding” Study Group that would examine the type and extent of health impacts from Hawai‘i Island geothermal operations. Hawai‘i County Council members had shown interest in such an effort, and the Mayor expressed his own belief that public officials, regulators, and residents must consider the health risks that may be associated with geothermal energy production. The specific aims of the project were to: 1 List the public health questions pertinent to the production of geothermal energy in the Puna region; 2 Create a reliable inventory of existing studies that addresses those public health concerns and that could serve as references for decision-makers; and 3 Recommend the priorities and preferred methodologies for future scientific and monitoring studies that may be required or that can best assist the County and the Windward Planning Commission to make informed decisions that protect the long term health of the community."
public health, health, health effects, Puna, Big Island, Hawaii, Kilauea
Adler PS. 2013. Geothermal public health assessment : findings and recommendations. (HI): The Geothermal Public Health Assessment Study Group.
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