Geothermal noise level guidelines

Planning Department, County of Hawaii
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Planning Department, County of Hawaii
"In light of these responsibilities and the numerous noise related complaints received from residents of the Puna District concerning certain geothermal drilling operations, the Planning Department has developed the following guidelines to determine acceptable noise levels for both geothermal exploration and production. These noise levels are intended to provide the Planning Director with the necessary guidance to review and assess geothermal operations on a case specific basis to determine whether a noise nuisance exists or not. Based on this review, should the Planning Director find that the acceptable noise levels are being exceeded and that the residents are being significantly adversely impacted by that noise, he can invoke more stringent noise mitigative procedures and/or mitigative devices or cease further geothermal activity in accordance with the appropriate provisions of the special permits."
noise, environment, Hawaii Island, Kilauea, Puna, Big Island, Hawaii
Planning Department, County of Hawaii. 1981. Geothermal noise level guidelines. Hilo (HI): Planning Department, County of Hawaii.
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