The Puna community survey

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The purpose and intent of this survey is to obtain basic demographic information (about) the residents, in addition to their opinions, perceptions, and attitudes toward the future development of the (Puna) District, with a special focus on geothermal related activities. In addition to its planning function, the survey can also assist the County's efforts to ensure effective social monitoring in the Puna district as geothermal development progresses there. It can help to guarantee adequate communication with Puna residents, whose district has been undergoing some of the most profound changes faced by any rural Hawaii area in the 1970's and 1980's. Because this was a random sample survey, it provides a representative voice of Puna" on the planning and policy questions covered by the survey. This report appears in two volumes. Volume I contains an overview of the findings, while Volume II presents detailed results. In accordance with the multi-purpose nature of this project, results in both volumes will be presented in three parts: Part I--General Planning and Demographic Information. Included in this part are discussions of Puna's population growth and composition; other demographic characteristics; labor force composition; travel in and out of Puna; shopping area preferences; and community commitment, involvement, and identity. This description of Puna's population is important for planning either geothermal or any other form of development in Puna. Part II--General Opinions on Puna's Current and Future Situation (Context for Geothermal Attitudes). This part of the report deals with results of questions about the best and worst aspects of life in Puna today, and about opinions on a wide variety of future development prospects for Puna. These results will be valuable for general community development planning, and they also provide a crucial context for viewing results of questions about geothermal development. Part III--Opinions on Geothermal Development and Geothermal-Powered Industry in Puna. The final part contains results of questions about development of geothermal and other industries which might be associated with the development of geothermal resources. It covers the awareness and perceived impacts of present geothermal drilling activities; comparative attitudes toward three separate scenarios for various levels of geothermal and industrial development in Puna; and opinions on a range of geothermal-related policy issues.
geothermal energy, Hawaii, Puna, Big Island
SMS Research, Inc. 1982. The Puna community survey. Honolulu (HI): SMS Research, Inc.
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