Hawaii geothermal development : impact issues and analytic approaches (draft)

ERC Environmental and Energy Services Company
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ERC Environmental and Energy Services Company
"At the request of the Hawaii Department of Business and Economic Development (DBED), ERCE undertook a limited information search and literature review to identify methodologies, criteria, case studies and governmental policies regarding determination of potential impact level thresholds near geothermal power plant developments (or similar facilities). Information regarding standards and criteria used in Hawaii was gathered, as well as projects and processes from elsewhere in the United States. Following consultation with DBED staff, ERCE prepared a brief scope of work. Principal tasks included internal discussions with other ERCE staff regarding potential sources of the desired information; contacts with knowledgable individuals outside the firm; and review of holdings of the University of California libraries related to topics of interest. The work to date cannot be considered complete. The topic is broad and interdisciplinary. However, we believe that the research has identifIed some useful information for discussion, as well as sources for further review. The information which follows is organized into five major topics: 1) air quality; 2) sound levels; 3) alternative project mitigation strategies; 4) recommended actions; and 5) references likely to contain applicable information regarding these issues. Environmental issues associated with geothermal development can span the entire spectrum of topics, including potential impacts to biological and cultural resources, visual impacts, increased traffic, interference with existing or proposed land uses, changes in sound levels, light & glare, water quality/quantity issues, and air quality changes. For this particular geothermal development, the key issues appear to be impacts to air quality, sound levels, human health and safety issues associated with those physical changes, and related interference with residential "quality of life." We have therefore focused our review on air quality and sound level considerations."
literature reviews, air quality, noise levels, health effects, Kilauea, Puna, Big Island, Hawaii
ERC Environmental and Energy Services Company. 1991. Hawaii geothermal development : impact issues and analytic approaches. Reston (VA): ERC Environmental and Energy Services Company.
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