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Building materials from volcanic magma

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Title:Building materials from volcanic magma
Authors:Watson, Louis L.
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Date Issued:2002
Citation:Watson LL. 2002. Building materials from volcanic magma. West Sacramento (CA).
Abstract:From cover letter: "My patent will be used to make the list of products enclosed and more. On an experimental basis, magma can be dipped by hand or with a backhoe, through a skylight, to fill molds or forming machinery. On a more permanent basis, where there is a drop in the lava tube, the magma can be diverted without lifting machinery. Really heavy production will occur when the magma is delivered by a barge supported, delivery tube from the cliff face to an endless parade of mold barges. Stationary barges will support the plate and slab line machinery, as well as the machinery to make many of the other products. My patent also envisions the harvesting of the magma from the new island rising towards sea level south of the big island, but that will come later. It is unbelievable that no one has produced building materials from the flowing volcanic magma before. It has been flowing for millions of years, building up the islands ofHawaii from the ocean floor. It will be flowing from here to eternity."
From patent: "A method of manufacturing a building material includes the steps of directing molten volcanic magma from an underwater volcanic magma vent to a level above sea level via a tube formed from the magma; directing the molten volcanic magma into a mold on a floating barge; cooling the magma in the mold to form a building material; and removing the building material from the mold. The tube is formed by lowering a cap assembly over an underwater flowing volcanic magma vent and raising the cap such that the magma solidifies inside the cap perimeter where it is cold."
Patent title: Method of manufacturing a building material from volcanic magma
Patent number: 6149855
Pages/Duration:13 pages; 14 pages
Appears in Collections: The Geothermal Collection

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