A geothermal primer; some issues and some answers

Thomas, Donald M.
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"During the last several months a number of concerns have been expressed regarding adverse environmental and health impacts of anticipated geothermal development in Hawaii. Some of the concerns expressed have merit and raise issues that should be studied by permitting agencies reviewing applications for propose geothermal development. However, some of the issues raised, in my opinion, are not based on factual evidence and do not reflect a realistic evaluation of available information. Having spent the last seven years working with the chemistry of the fluids from the HGP-A well and almost ten years studying the gas emissions of Kilauea volcano, I would like to present some of the data that has been accumulated and attempt to place some of the geothermal issues into a perspective where they can be judged as to their merit and their potential for future concern."
geothermal issues, environmental, health, air quality, Hawaii
Thomas DM. 1983. A geothermal primer; some issues and some answers. (HI).
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