Hawaii's geothermal future and the deep water cable

Okura, Gary N.
Uemura, Roy T.
Chapman, Gordon A.
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Geothermal Resources Council
"The State of Hawaii presently utilizes costly imported fuel-oil for over 90 percent of its electrical power generation. With the uncertainties associated with the price and supply of this oil, the State has set, as one of its highest priorities, a goal of electrical energy self-sufficiency. Geothermal power, because of its proven technology and apparent abundance, appears to be the major hope for achieving this goal within the immediate future. A problem exists, however, in transporting the electricity generated from a potentially large resource on the Island of Hawaii to the market on the Island of Oahu. This paper discusses geothermal activities in Hawaii and the relationship of a deep water power cable demonstration program to those activities."
Geothermal Resources Council, Transactions, vol. 6, October 1982
Hawaii Deep Water Cable Program, geothermal power development, Big Island, Hawaii
Okura G, Uemura RT, Chapman GA. 1982. Hawaii's geothermal future and the deep water cable. In: Transactions, vol. 6, October 1982. 377-380. Davis (CA): Geothermal Resources Council.
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