The geochemistry of the HGP-A geothermal well : a review and an update

Thomas, Donald M.
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Hawaii Institute of Geophysics, University of Hawaii at Manoa
The HGP-A geothermal well, located on the lower east rift system of Kilauea volcano, has provided steam and hot water to a 3MWe wellhead generator facility on a continuous basis since December 1981. Since production began there have been substantial changes in the composition of the reservoir fluids that suggest several important conclusions regarding the HGP-A well and the reservoir associated with the Kilauea east rift zone. Among these are: that preproduction reservoir fluids have moderate to low dissolved solids concentrations; that long-term fluid production can result in encroachment of heavily modified seawater into the geothermal system; and that deposition of secondary minerals from the intruding seawater may result in the obstruction and eventual sealing of the saline aquifers
Hawaii Geothermal Project, drilling, chemical analyses, testing, Puna, Hawaii
Hawaii Institute of Geophysics. October 1987. The Geochemistry of the HGP-A Geothermal Well: A Review and an Update. Honolulu, Hawaii: Hawaii Institute of Geophysics.
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