Fate of sodium sulfide and sodium bisuflide in steam muffler effluent

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State of Hawaii, Division of Water & Land Development
The chemical species generated by the treatment of geothermal steam with sodium hydroxide (Na0H) include sodium carbonate (Na2C03) sodium bicarbonate (NaHC03) sodium sulfide (Na2S) and sodium bisulfide (NaHS). The former two chemicals are environmentally benign and their disposal will have no significant effect on groundwater quality. Sodium sulfide and bisulfide can however have substantial impacts on water quality due to their toxicity at Moderate concentrations and their potential for odor generation at extremely low concentrations. Hence, the fate of these chemicals under normal environmental conditions is of concern in considering their production and disposal as a result of treatment of geothermal steam.
air quality, hydrogen sulfide, steam, chemical analysis, Hawaii
State of Hawaii, Division of Water & Land Development. 1989-12-18. Fate of Sodium Sulfide and Sodium Bisuflide in Steam Muffler Effluent. Honolulu, Hawaii: State of Hawaii, Division of Water & Land Development.
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