Thermal Power Company site emergency plan

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Thermal Power Company
Thermal Power company (TPC) is the "operator", of the PUNA GEOTHERMAL VENTURE Geothermal, Inc. and Amfac Energy, Inc. are the venture. REVISED: 7/16/86 managing partner, or (PGV). Dillingham the other members of the venture. As a result of the well leak incident in October 1982 and in response to the requirement of condition #5 of Special Use Permit #468, issued by the Planning Commission, county of Hawaii, the Emergency Response Plan has been developed for approval by the Hawaii County Civil Defense Agency. The plan is designed for use when the well sites are not being used for drilling, testing or other field operations and no TPC staff or field operations consultants are present on the Big Island. In the event of an emergency when operations are being conducted, the on-scene TPC manager will take initiar- charge of the notification procedure and the immediate operational steps to deal with the emergency. Thermal Power Company maintains a project management office in Honolulu; Amfac has Honolulu offices with knowledge of the geothermal project and the ability to marshall management resources to deal with possible emergencies. In addition, Thermal Power has a small office space and a telephone in Hilo for occasional administrative and logistical functions. Thermal, Dillingham and Amfac also have employees or consultants that reside on the Big Island, although their level of geothermal knowledge varies and they should thus be considered as secondary resources unless specifically identified in this plan. It is impossible to predict what kind of emergency may occur, or of what severity such events may prove to be. It is important, however, that this plan be used to notify the responsible management of the companies so that the problem can be asessed quickly and the proper mitigating steps can be taken.
emergency plans, plans, Big Island, emissions, Kilauea, Hawaii Island, emergency, Puna, Hawaii
Thermal Power Company. 1986-07-16. Thermal Power Company Site Emergency Plan. Honolulu, Hawaii: Thermal Power Company.
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