Gerald O. Lesperance's report on his San Francisco trip from March 20 to 23, 1989

Lesperance, Gerald O.
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Department of Business and Economic Development, State of Hawaii
From the memorandum: "On March 20, 1989, I attended the seminar on 'Successful Power Marketing for New Generation Projects.' This was an excellent course on the factors an independent power developer should consider before and during negotiations with utility(s). Course outlines are attached. The U.S. DOE Geothermal Review VII was conducted March 21-23, 1989, with the theme "DOE Research and Development for the Geothermal Marketplace. This was generally good but a bit dry. One excellent talk, 'The Role of Geothermal Energy in Minimizing Global Environmental Problems,' presented considerable data on the environmental advantages of geothermal compared to oil and gas. I held a number of private discussions outlined in the following paragraphs."
Lesperance attended various seminars at San Francisco from March 20 to 23, 1989. He attended geothermal seminars and discussed RFP for a geothermal/cable planning consultant, state/HECO RFP for a developer, and met with other state geothermal project officers. Includes a memorandum addressed to Marice H. Kaya.
interisland cable, power production, potential, Hawaii
Lesperance GO. 1989. Honolulu (HI): Department of Business and Economic Development, State of Hawaii.
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