Environmental resources of selected areas of Hawaii : ecological resources

Trettin, Carl C.
Tolbert, Virginia R.
Jones, Anthony T.
Smith, Craig R.
Kalmijn, Adrianus J.
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Oak Ridge National Laboratory
This report has been prepared to make available and archive the background scientific data and related information collected on ecological resources during the preparation of the environmental impact statement (EIS) for Phases 3 and 4 of the Hawaii Geothermal Project (HGP) as defined by the state of Hawaii in its April 1989 proposal to Congress. Since the state of Hawaii is no longer pursuing or planning to pursue the HGP, DOE considers the project to be terminated. The background scientific data and related information presented in this report focus on several areas of Hawaii County. In this report, reference is made to these areas as study areas rather than as areas where proposed or alternative facilities of the HGP would be located. The resource areas addressed herein include terrestrial ecology, aquatic ecology, and marine ecology. The scientific background data and related information that were obtained from review of the (1) scientific literature, (2) government and private sector reports, (3) studies done under DOE interagency agreements with the US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) and with the US Army Corps of Engineers (COE), and (4) observations made during site visits are being made available for future research in these areas.
Prepared for U.S. Department of Energy, Oak Ridge Operations Office by Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Report Number: ORNL/TM--12863; OSTI ID: 87000; Legacy ID: DE95014186; Other: ON: DE95014186; TRN: TRN: AHC29521%%56
Puna, Hawaii Geothermal Project, Hawaii Island, Big Island, plants, Hawaii, Kilauea
Trettin CC, Tolbert VR, Jones AT, Smith CR, Kalmijn AJ. 1995. Environmental Resources of Selected Areas of Hawaii: Ecological Resources. Oak Ridge (TN): Oak Ridge National Laboratory.
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