Notes on Spawning of the Fish Belone stolzmanni (Belonidae) from Peru

Goldberg, Stephen R.
Pizzorno, Marie C.
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University of Hawai'i Press
Belone stolzmanni is a multiple-spawning fish, spawning more than once during a reproductive season. The smallest reproductively active female measured 380mm standard length (SL); the smallest spermiogenic male measured 353mm SL. Only one gonad develops in each sex. Peru has a highly diverse (Chirichigno 1980) but little studied fish fauna. In an effort to add to our knowledge of the reproductive biology of Peruvian fishes, samples of the little-known belonid fish Belone stolzmanni were obtained. The range of this fish extends from the Gulf of California (Mexico) to the Islas Chincha (Peru) and the Galapagos Islands (Chirichigno 1980). Nothing is known of its reproductive biology . The purpose of this note is to provide a histological analysis of gonad samples collected during summer.
Goldberg SR, Pizzorno MC. 1985. Notes on spawning of the fish Belone stolzmanni (Belonidae) from Peru. Pac Sci 39(4): 367-368.
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