The Common Occurrence of Oegopsid Squid Eggs in Near-Surface Oceanic Waters

Young, Richard Edward
Harman, Robert F.
Mangold, Katharina M.
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University of Hawai'i Press
A variety of egg types removed from near-surface plankton tows off Hawaii developed into young squids. Previously, the eggs of pelagic, oceanic squids were virtually unknown. Over 90% of these near-surface plankton tows taken with a l-m net contained squid eggs. About 90% of the eggs were collected in the upper 100m with most of these coming from the mixed layer. The eggs were separate rather than in masses. Two egg types have been identified. One belongs to the Enoploteuthinae, which are thought to spawn individual eggs. The other belongs to the Brachioteuthidae, whose spawning mode is unknown. Most squids are thought to deposit eggs in masses. Estimates, based on the abundance of the captured eggs, indicate that the chances of sampling an intact egg mass with a plankton net are small.
Young RE, Harman RF, Mangold KM. 1985. The common occurrence of Oegopsid squid eggs in near-surface Oceanic waters. Pac Sci 39(4): 359-366.
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