Arming Students Against Misinformation: Asynchronous Instruction to Motivate Community College Students to Practice Information Literacy Skills

Misinformation found in the media and online is not a new problem, but it is one of growing concern. Students at Kapiʻolani Community College struggle to evaluate information resources in order to complete their research assignments. Beyond completing school assignments, there are broader implications for the need to apply these types of skills in everyday life. At many institutions, librarians teach information literacy (IL) skills to help students search for, and analyze information and resources they encounter—skills that are useful tools in the defense against misinformation. Within this broader context, this project sought to support students and faculty with IL via an online asynchronous e-learning. The instruction was designed utilizing Keller's (2010) ARCS Model of Motivation and Mayer's (2014) Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning. To evaluate the e-learning, a brief usability study was administered to participants (n = 3) analyzing ease of use, instructional content, and functionality. A learning assessment was then administered to participants (n = 15), with results indicating the asynchronous multimedia instruction was effective and had a positive impact on participants' understanding, motivation and confidence in practicing IL skills. Recommendations for future work include streamlining the e-learning's assessments to provide more instantaneous feedback and continuing to revise and refine its instructional content.
Contains a master's project paper for the LTEC program, in addition to a video walkthrough of the e-learning project. Also includes a video presentation recorded during the TCC 2022 Worldwide Online Conference, and slides from the presentation. Transcripts for videos are also included.
Information literacy, Interactive multimedia, Common fallacies, Instructional systems--Design
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