Searching for Community and Safety: Evaluating Common Information Shared in Online Ex-Vaxxer Communities

Takaoka, Alicia JW
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This study examines a collection of artifacts passed on from some closed Facebook groups of anti-vaxxers. The study conducted a thematic analysis to determine whether or not the group is a community of practice, evaluate and categorize the types of information shared in these groups, and determine the sources of over 1,100 links across two compiled documents to address a series of questions related to claims of ex-vaxxers when compared to anti-vaxxers and the types of data commonly referenced. Findings indicated that ex-vaxxers and anti-vaxxers have separate and distinct claims, abstracts are the most commonly shared scholarly document, and select information is most often taken out of context. This data set can be analyzed for valence and language use in future studies. The purpose of this study is to evaluate information shared in among anti- and ex-vaxxer parents. This study does not seek to validate a specific position or point of view, nor does the researcher want to explore or determine correctness of beliefs.
Anti-vaxxer Health information sharing Community of practice Support group
Takaoka, Alicia. Searching for Community and Safety: Common Information Shared in Online Ex-Vaxxer Communities. Human Computer Interaction International July 26-31, 2019.
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