The first language acquisition of nominal inflection in Northern East Cree: Possessives and nouns

Henke, Ryan
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This is a modified version of a 2020 dissertation, submitted by the author in 2022, featuring bookmarks within the PDF and corrected pagination. Per the author, the dissertation has otherwise not been changed. Original and full abstract can be found at Brief abstract: "This dissertation describes the first language (L1) acquisition of nominal inflection in Northern East Cree (NEC), a member of the Cree-Innu-Naskapi dialect complex within the Algonquian language family, which is spoken in four Eeyou Istchee communities in Northern Québec. The category of nominals includes nouns, demonstratives, and pronouns, where nouns inflect with templatic morphology involving one prefix and four suffix positions. This study focuses primarily upon nouns within possessive constructions, which entail the richest range of inflectional possibilities and mark multiple inflectional features of both possessees and possessors—including grammatical animacy, obviation, and number. This is the first dedicated study of the L1 acquisition of possessive marking within a polysynthetic language, and this dissertation aims to provide findings to inform linguistic science as well as community-centered efforts in L1 development and language revitalization."
Linguistics, Language
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