The Expression of Power in ICT's Knowledge Enterprise: An Empirical Illustration of Computing's Colonial Impulse

Canevez, Richard
Maitland, Carleen
Ettayebi, Soundous
Shaw, James
Everson, Charlene
Rantanen, Matthew
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Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
ICT globalization continues to spread hardware, software, and accompanying technologies, so too does knowledges and trainings on those ICTs. This knowledge migration process has been linked by scholars to a ‘colonial impulse’ inherent in computing as a knowl- edge enterprise, which incorporates into broader colonizing forces. Through simultaneous explorations of dual case studies with a tribal ISP in California and an educational organization that works with indigenous First Nations communities in British Columbia, we depict how power circulates in this process, both empowering and disempowering communities. We then offer a brief argument for the need to foreground methods and approaches to disentangling these contradicting forces.
Ubiquitous computing, postcolonial computing, Indigenous peoples, telecommunications infrastructure, Education
Canevez, R., Maitland, C. F., Ettayebi, S., Shaw, J., Everson, C., & Rantanen, M. (2020). The Expression of Power in ICT’s Knowledge Enterprise: An Empirical Illustration of Computing’s Colonial Impulse. The ACM 11th International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development (ICTD ’20), 1–5.
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