The Moderating Effect of IT Capability on the Relationship between Implicit Coordination and Team Output Ranking in Coal Mines

Zhang, Xi
Wang, Zhe
Duan, Keran
Yin, Dehu
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Mining is a dangerous job which takes place under several hundred meters deep mines and requires multi-team collaboration. Coal miners often encounter critical situations so that conventional coordination methods such as meetings are no longer applicable, and an implicit coordination mechanism needs to be established for front-line mining teams. Many scholars study implicit coordination in emergency management, while this research aims to explore the implicit coordination mechanism in mining teams. Besides, we analyze the impact of a large number of information technology applications (such as intelligent mining robots, intelligent mine system) on implicit coordination. The results verify the significant moderate effect of IT capability on implicit coordination. Finally, we provide some practical suggestions for coal mine managers and coal miners.
Topics in Organizational Systems and Technology, coal mine, implicit coordination, information technology, team output ranking
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