Peace Teams in the Protest-Repression Nexus: A Sociomaterial Perspective of De-escalatory Tactics

Canevez, Richard
Winter, Jenifer
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Peace teams work in the trenches of demonstration in liberal democracies. When situations between different parties can escalate to violence, they deploy various tactics and tools to de-escalate the situation. Their work navigates a web of institutions and actors, as well as tools that introduce their materiality into de-escalatory practices. Depicting this system stands to highlight how Peace Teams an maximize their capacities both socially and technologically. However, to date there is no cohesive social and material account of Peace Team work. This study adopts a sociomaterial perspective of demonstrations through the eyes of Peace Teams and their de-escalatory tactics, using semi-structured interview and focus groups. We provide theoretical insights about the sociomaterial nature of de-escalation as being a confluence of social and material intra-actions, and argue for bases of trust as an underlying mechanism to account for the configuration of particular sociomaterial assemblages as manifest in the protest-repression nexus.
Social Impact and Information Systems, intra-actions, nonviolence, qualitative analysis, social movements, sociomaterial assemblage
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