Analysis of the Tool Support for Business Model Innovation

Klein, Sabine
Emrich, Andreas
Fettke, Peter
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Organizations adapt their business models (BM) frequently to remain competitive. One reason for this is the digitalization of products and services. A change in strategy often brings along an adaption of the BM or a complete business model innovation (BMI). In this context, software tools can support users in the presentation and analysis of their BM by providing methodological knowledge. The assessment of a software tool is influenced by different orientations and functionalities, e.g., for pure BM representation or simulation. This contribution provides a procedure for systematically assessing BMI tools and offers an overview of existing BM tools as well as their support for BMI and a related transformation process. The results show that early phases of BMI are well supported, while later phases are hardly represented. A possible reason for this lies in the complexity of later BMI phases. First steps towards supporting later phases through software are discussed.
Digital Innovation, Transformation, and Entrepreneurship, business model, business model innovation, software support
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