Towards Digital Transformation of a City Resilience Framework

Canós, José
Penadés, M. Carmen
Borges, Marcos R. S.
Bueno, Salvador
Hernantes, Josune
Labaka, Leire
Bañuls Silvera, Víctor
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Improving city resilience is among the most challenging strategic goals for city administrators worldwide. To support their work, frameworks providing technical support and methodological guidance have been developed. Such frameworks define resilience improvement processes based on multidimensional resilience models to assess one city’s resilience level, plus a collection of policies to increase such level in different dimensions. Although some frameworks include software tools to support the process, their scope is limited to a particular step of the process, and global management is still done manually, hindering agility in the process. In this paper, we present our work towards the digital transformation of a city resilience framework. The use of process technology to specify and enact the process is combined with the application of model-based development techniques to provide interoperability of the different framework tools. We describe the architecture of the solution proposed, and the major features of our approach.
Disaster Information, Resilience, for Emergency and Crisis Technologies, digital transformation, model driven development, process technology, resilience operationalization, urban resilience
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