Communicating with Humans and Robots: A Motion Tracking Data Glove for Enhanced Support of Deafblind

Gelsomini, Federico
Tomasuolo, Elena
Roccaforte, Maria
Hung, Patrick
Kapralos, Bill
Doubrowski, Adam
Quevedo, Alvaro
Kanev, Kamen
Makoto, Hosoda
Mimura, Hidenori
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In this work, we discuss the design and development of a communication system for enhanced support of the deafblind. The system is based on an advanced motion tracking Data Glove that allows for high fidelity determination of finger postures with consequent identification of the basic Malossi alphabet signs. A natural, easy-to-master alphabet extension that supports single-hand signing without touch surface sensing is described, and different scenarios for its use are discussed. The focus is on using the extended Malossi alphabet as a communication medium in a Data Glove-based interface for remote messaging and interactive control of mobile robots. This may be of particular interest to the deafblind community, where distant communications and robotized support and services are rising. The designed Data Glove-based communication interface requires minimal adjustments to the Malossi alphabet and can be mastered after a short training period. The natural interaction style supported by the Data Glove and the popularity of the Malossi alphabet among the deafblind should greatly facilitate the wider adoption of the developed interface.
Social Robots - Robotics and Toy Computing, deafblind communication support, gesture tracking data glove, human-robot interactions, mobile malossi alphabet
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