From knowledge co-creation to value co-creation and beyond: challenging global emergency in smart service systems.

Polese, Francesco
Troisi, Orlando
Grimaldi, Mara
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The study seeks to investigate the impact of pandemic on teaching and learning processes involved in Higher Education (HE) by analysing the way in which knowledge exchange and value co-creation are reframed through ICTs and technology. The adoption of the interpretative lens of Service Science permits to reread HE as a smart service system. The empirical research, based on content analysis as an inquiry, analyses: 1) the transformations introduced in technology adoption, information sharing, knowledge and value co-creation to comply with the disruption “imposed” by the the sanitary emergency; 2) the way in which this transformation can introduce novelties in Higher education system. The results identify the different drivers for value and knowledge co-creation that can be implemented in technology-enhanced teaching and learning and the different novelties that can be generated from the emergence of innovation.
Smart Service Systems Design, human-computer interactions, innovation, knowledge co-creation, smart service systems, value co-creation
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