Virtual Reality Technologies in Health Care: A Literature Review of Theoretical Foundations

Knop, Michael
Ressing, Caroline
Mueller, Marius
Weber, Sebastian
Freude, Henrik
Niehaves, Bjoern
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The digitization of health care promises an improvement of medical care through the adoption of virtual reality (VR) related technologies. Although most undergoing mechanisms of clinical effectiveness are yet not defined theoretically, research approaches have already taken place in several empirical settings. To structure current and upcoming scientific work in this field, we conducted a literature review with regard to theoretical implications of both IS-related and healthcare-related research. We found several theoretical bases to build upon in the field of psychology, but expressed a need for enrichment of theoretical foundations in the field of IS research. We therefore plead for a theoretical foundation enriched by synergetic concepts of clinically effective VR related technologies. Finally, we conclude that VR related technologies appear as a promising approach worth further theoretical and empirical research in order to improve medical care.
Mixed, Augmented and Virtual Reality: Services and Applications, virtual reality, health care, theory, literature review, clinical effectiveness
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