Haptic Sensory Perception and Customer Experience in a 360-Virtual Store: Does Time Spent Play a Role?

Wang, Yuyu
Hallikainen, Heli
Ruusunen, Nino
Laukkanen, Tommi
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Building on stimulus(S)-organism(O)-response(R) theory, this research examines the effects of haptic sensory perception on user experience and satisfaction in a 360-virtual store. We postulate that time spent in a 360-virtual store reinforces the effects in the S-O-R model. The results support the theory that haptic sensory perception triggered by a 360-virtual store (stimulus) improves customer experience (organism) and that the experience further enhances virtual store satisfaction (response). We find that the time spent in a virtual store reinforces the former effect, but not the latter effect. The results of an experiment involving 587 respondents further suggest that this finding only holds true to users who are merely browsing, but not to users tasked with searching for a specific product in the 360-virtual store. We encourage management to create sensory cues in virtual stores to improve user experience and satisfaction, and virtual in-store stimuli to increase time spent in the store.
Mixed, Augmented and Virtual Reality: Services and Applications, haptic, satisfaction, sensory perception, user experience, virtual store
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