Settings of Organizational Adjustments due to Digital Servitization

Jaspert, David
Ebel, Martin
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Recent studies indicate that companies in manufacturing should adapt their organizational structures in the course of digital servitization in order to successfully innovate and offer smart services. However, although we are amid the transformation, driven by digitization and service orientation, there seems to be a lack of information that explicitly supports the adaption of the organizational structures of manufacturing firms. Thus, this paper deals with the impact of smart service innovation on organizational structures by examining 13 German manufacturing companies. By means of a qualitative template analysis various changes within the organizational structure could be detected. Those findings were summarized to five different settings of adjustments in the organizational structure of the examined corporations. These shall serve as a guide for practitioners but also broaden scientific understanding of organizational change in the context of digital servitization.
Data-driven Services in Manufacturing: Management, Engineering, and Organizational Transformation, digital servitization, manufacturing, organizational structure, reorganization, smart service
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