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Title: The Zoeal Stages and Glaucothoe of the Tropical Eastern Pacific Hermit Crab Trizopagurus magnificus (Bouvier, 1898) (Decapoda; Diogenidae), Reared in the Laboratory 
Author: Provenzano, Anthony J J.R.
Date: 1967-10
Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
Citation: Provenzano AJ. 1967. The zoeal stages and glaucothoe of the tropical eastern Pacific hermit crab Trizopagurus magnificus (Bouvier, 1898) (Decapoda; Diogenidae), reared in the laboratory. Pac Sci 21(4): 457-473.
Abstract: Larvae were reared under various temperature conditions. Those
maintained at 15°C were unable to moult to the second instar although some individuals
lived as long as 35 days after hatching. At 20°C some individuals were
able to reach fifth instar, but glaucothoes were obtained only at 25°C, 33-52 days
after hatching. Effects of starvation and temperature on larval survival are discussed.
The number of zoeal stages in the development of this species is variable,
as it is in other diogenids which have been studied in the laboratory, glaucothoes
of this species being obtained after four or five zoeal instars. Descriptions and
illustrations of the zoeal stages and the glaucothoe are presented. No other larvae
of this genus have been described and intra-generic comparisons of larval morphology
were not possible, but a comparison was made of the zoeal and glaucothoe
stages of this species with those of others in the family.
ISSN: 0030-8870

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