Fair Value Accounting and the Cost of Debt: The Role of Auditor Expertise

Magnan, Michel
Wang, Haiping
Shi, Yaqi
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This study examines the association between the use of fair value accounting and the cost of debt, as well as the impact of auditor national-level and city-level industry expertise on this association. Results suggest that more extensive use of fair value accounting measurement in the financial statements is generally associated with a higher cost of debt, primarily driven by Level 2 and Level 3 estimates, which supports the argument that fair value accounting is perceived to exhibit lower reliability. In addition, we find that national-level auditor industry expertise improves the informativeness of Level 1 and Level 3 fair value accounting information to debtholders, whereas city-level auditor industry expertise enhances the information quality of Level 3 fair value estimates to debtholders. Furthermore, we explore the effect of auditor task-specific fair value expertise and find that city-level auditor fair value expertise lowers the cost of debt for firms that use Level 3 fair value measurement. These results hold after correcting for self-selection bias, as well as controlling for the orthogonalized credit ratings and variables associated with firms’ underlying risks.
Fair Value Accounting, Fair Value Hierarchy, Cost of Debt, Auditor Industry Expertise, Auditor Fair Value Expertise
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