Khao Sam Kaeo: An Early Port-City between the Indian Ocean and the South China Sea. Edited by Bérénice Bellina. Mémoires Archéologiques 28. Paris: École Française D'Extrême-Orient, 2017. 675 pp. Paper EUR €65.00, ISBN 978-2-85539-427-5.

Demandt, Michèle H. S.
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The last twenty years have witnessed increased interest in the identification of maritime connections and the reconstruction of transoceanic networks that operated during the late prehistoric and early historical periods. For example, research into Southeast Asia's early contacts with the Indian world and Han China has expanded to incorporate the results of archaeological work in coastal India, the Bay of Bengal, and those lands and islands which border the periphery of the South China Sea. Scholars that once saw India as the main engine driving culture change in Southeast Asia now admit the importance of reciprocal relationships linking the two regions and, more importantly, the autonomy and active involvement of Southeast Asia's inhabitants in local processes (Manguin et al. 2011). Similarly, this edited volume, which focuses on the late prehistoric urban site of Khao Sam Kaeo, reveals that trends towards urbanism, cultural emulation, and long-distance trade were already present by the last centuries B.C. and that these tendencies were themselves deeply rooted in local strategies for expressing social identity.
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