Lucky Return

Ganti, Ashley Queen Lamug
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Life is a mosaic of what we experience, and while everyone experiences different situations, one common trait that we all share is the inevitable encounter of loss. Lucky Return raises the concern of how to respond to these encounters, and addresses the theme of dealing with loss. However, the purpose of this creative piece is not to provide instructions on how to deal with loss because there is no single correct answer; instead, its purpose is to capture just how fickle the experience of loss may be. In order to do so, the poem uses the narrative of sudden loss. The first stanza showcases the desperation that results from rejecting the fact that a loss has taken place. In the second and third stanzas, reflecting on the subject of the loss evokes the recollection of intimate details of the connection that had existed. This is followed by the thought of rejection once again as the narrator considers choosing to reject the subject of the loss in its entirety as the recollection proves to be too overwhelming. Despite that grief, the narrator chooses to remain hopeful of a reunion between the two and decides to keep the shared memories, both positive and negative.
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