L’arbre est le Tree (The Dance of Language): Perspectives, Raisons, et Rimes

Miller, Devon H.
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This poem is a revelation about how learning a new language is not empirical memorization, but facilitating a shift in perspective and entering a new state of mind. This poem is about understanding what the symbols represent instead of just the direct translation. The prominently featured words were the first symbols I applied the method to. One difficulty of simultaneous writing is using words that retain my desired rhythm and sound, while rhyming in both languages. Despite my intentions for the poems to be structurally identical in each language, knowing that the rhythm would be significantly different between the two was a challenge I accepted and used. My technique is spontaneous. The verse and rhythm emerge more or less complete, with most work going into the final touches and organizing the line collections at the end of the writing session. The French translation possesses a melodic and questioning feel, while the English translation possesses more of a rolling audio. I captured my internal voice with the format. The structure of the poem reflects this rolling and organic process in a literal manifestation of my mind's process, creating a visual sense of intonation, momentum, and rhythm.
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