Elevating Lower Campus

Higashihara, Rydan
Hong, Shirley
Huang, Concong
Lomboy, Christopher
Nguyen, Khoa
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The Lower Campus of University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (UHM) carries enormous potential to become a vibrant college town. Currently, many of the school’s students, staff, and surrounding community have very little involvement with this part of the campus. The UHM athletic department was in search of proof of concepts to help revitalize the site and to alleviate their financial issues. We were able to produce masterplan that was developed after periodical site visits, meetings, and presentations with stakeholders. With the help of design and financial specialists, we were guided through steps such as conceptualizing and producing the overall vision of the new site. We concluded that the embedment of seven activities within a network of programs and amenities will bring students, the Mānoa community, and the rest of Oahu to Lower Campus. The overall design was presented by sharing our thought process to provide reasoning to our decisions. Computer-generated renderings of different areas were used to help visualize the intended experiences. A final pro-forma was given as well to prove the constructability and provide an overall financial statement. The overall concept can be considered as an example of a solution to other areas with similar existing conditions.
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