The Taro Tattler, Volume 5, No.1 - 1993

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College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, University of Hawaii
We hope you've been well since last we wrote. Lots of good things have been happening in taro since last December. One is the come back of the taro lo'i in Kauai - recovery has been slow but steady. Another were the awesome Taro Festivals put on by the spirited people of East Maui and the good folks at Windward Community College. On the down side, as usual we are having our annual summer poi shortage. Now this can be viewed in one of two ways, the first can be that it will never be solved and we just have to live with it, or the second is to see this as an enormous opportunity and then try to plan and plant your crop to hit this part of the year - the choice is yours! We'd again like to welcome some 200 new Tattler readers; our circulation is now about 1,200! Thanks also to those who've called to say they are liking what they read. So with no further ado....
Information Sheet for the Growers, Shippers, Processors of Chinese, Poi, Dasheen and Samoan Taros from Hawaii
Colocasia esculenta, Hawaii, taro
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