Asian Perspectives, 2018 - Volume 57, Number 2 (Fall)

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In MemoriamYosihiko H. Sinoto (3 September 1924 – 4 October 2017) Piecing Together Sha Po: Archaeological Investigations and Landscape Reconstruction. Mick Atha and Kennis Yip. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 2016. 260 pp., color and black-and-white illustrations, appendices, index. Hardback HKD450, US $60. ISBN 978-988-8208-98-2. Pristine Affluence: Daoist Roots in the Stone Age. Livia Kohn. St. Petersburg, FL: Three Pines Press, 2017. 273 pp. Paperback US $35. ISBN 978-1-931483-36-0; ebook US $15. ISBN 978-1-365-50563-8. The History and Archaeology of the Koguryŏ Kingdom. Edited by Mark E. Byington. Early Korea Project Occasional Series. Cambridge, MA: Korea Institute, Harvard University, 2016. 520 pp., 188 illustrations, 37 maps. Distributed by University of Hawai‘i Press. Paperback US $50. ISBN 9780988692855. Ancient Southeast Asia. John N. Miksic and Geok Yian Goh. London and New York: Routledge, 2017. xxii + 631 pp., illustrations, maps, bibliography, index. Paperback £35, US $36. ISBN 978-0-415-73554-4; Hardback £105, US $112. ISBN 978-0-415-73553-7; eBook £32, US $26. ISBN 978-1-315-64111-9. The Guandimiao Bone Assemblage (and What it Says about the Shang Economy) The Dates of the Discovery of the First Peking Man Fossil Teeth Preliminary Results of the South Vanuatu Archaeological Survey: Cultural Landscapes, Excavation, and Radiocarbon Dating New Data from an Open Neolithic Site in Eastern Indonesia Late Middle Palaeolithic Subsistence in the Central Plain of China: A Zooarchaeological View from the Laonainaimiao Site, Henan Province view more...