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  • Namsong, Sirichoke (Department of Educational Technology, Univeristy of Hawaii, 2009-04-29)
    Virtual Campus Tour is an instructional design project, which delivers video campus tours for international students while they are still in their home countries. These students should be able to know the university’s ...
  • Correa, S. Kālewa (2013-04-25)
    Ample evidence suggests that both experiential and theoretical learning is necessary for subject mastery and retention. However with traditional Hawaiian kalo (taro) farming instructional techniques there is often sufficient ...
  • Zeleznik, Mari E. (2012-04-23)
    Abstract: Educators, especially in technologically advanced countries, have begun to take advantage of mobile devices to promote learning and study. Mobiles are recognized as valuable educational tools by many Universities ...
  • Luke, Chaz (Technology, Colleges, and Community Worldwide Online Conference, 2011-04-12)
    With Hawaii being home to thousands of athletes and cardiovascular exercise enthusiasts, it is beneficial and important for those who engage in cardiovascular exercise and activities to know how to warm up properly. ...
  • Gumayagay, Myla (Myla Gumayagay, 2012-04)
    Abstract: The down turn of the economy has significantly affected the nature of work in colleges and universities across the country. Economic limitations have forced universities to find other means to facilitate ...
  • Pereboom, Penelope P. (Department of Educational Technology, Univeristy of Hawaii, 2009-04-29)
    The purpose of this study was to evaluate an instructional module’s effectiveness in positively influencing Preschool through 12th grade (PreK-12) educators to consider using Wiki technology to support Professional Development ...
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Now showing items 152-157 of 157


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