Immersive Storytelling for Information Security Awareness Training in Virtual Reality

Ulsamer, Philipp
Schütz, Andreas
Fertig, Tobias
Keller, Lisa
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Due to the central role of the human factor in information security, the need for information security awareness (ISA) is constantly increasing. In order to maintain a high level of ISA, trainings have to be carried out frequently to ensure sustainability. Since education via VR has led to a sustainable learning effect in other fields, we evaluated the use of VR for ISA trainings. Moreover, we combined our VR training with immersive storytelling. For the evaluation we used two sets of participants. The first used a traditional e-Learning method to answer the questionnaire. The second used our VR training. After one week we repeated the questionnaires. The results showed that the VR group could achieve higher scores than the noVR group. Moreover, the VR group achieved even higher scores after one week which might be due to the sustained learning effect from the VR training.
Security and Privacy Aspects of Human-Computer-Interactions, attention guidance, e-learning, immersive storytelling, information security awareness, virtual reality
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