Towards an Implementation of Blockchain-based Collaboration Platforms in Supply Chain Networks: A Requirements Analysis

Herm, Lukas-Valentin
Janiesch, Christian
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The competitiveness and speed of international markets have created significant pressure from competitors, forcing companies to collaborate with foreign companies. To address this situation, companies use supply chain networks (SCN) to concentrate on their core competencies while sourcing the remainder of (pre-)products or services. This situation often causes a lack of trust as the application of hard-to-trace illegal practices through complex SCN is a threat. The blockchain provides a solution for chaining data, enabling trust in its tamper-proof storage, even if there is no trust between business parties. Using blockchain also provides the opportunity to automate and monitor processes within digital SCNs in real-time. This paper aims to identify requirements for a blockchain-based collaboration platform in SCNs. We define the requirements based on a literature review and expert interviews. We use an additional survey to validate and prioritizes these 45 requirements.
Blockchain Engineering, blockchain, platform, requirements, supply chain management
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