A comparison and contrast of APKTool and Soot for injecting blockchain calls into Android applications

Sanders, Sean
Ziarek, Lukasz
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The injection of blockchain calls into an Android Application is an emerging and important tool for Android application developers. Blockchain technology provides a way of securely storing sensitive data and distributing that data while providing immutability. This paper will compare two compiler-based tools, APKTool, and the Soot framework and how they can inject blockchain calls into Android applications. A major contribution of this paper is that it compares the APKTool, and the Soot framework compilers for injecting blockchain calls, and the difficulties each tool introduces when implementing the injection of a blockchain call. To the best of our knowledge, the use of the Soot framework and the APKTool have never been used to inject blockchain calls. The reason behind this situation is the complexity of configuring blockchain calls in Android applications. Part of the difficulty is because of the constant changes in the API calls in the Android framework. This presents a challenge because the Soot and APKTool compilers have to be modified to adapt to changes in the Android API.
Blockchain Engineering, apktool, blockchain, compilers, soot
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