Open or just Fragmented? Mobilization through Open Source Action Repertoires in the Blockchain Social Movement

Ingram Bogusz, Claire
Andersen, Jonas
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The Blockchain social movement not only opposed the economic system in the post-2009 financial crisis years, it provided a tangible technological alternative, built in computer code and using Open Source (OS) principles. The social movement mobilized using familiar OS structures and activities as action repertoires. Although this openness encouraged mobilization, this ran the risk of losing control, as individuals used the OS code for their own purposes, outside the scope of the social movement. The use of OS action repertoires provided ways to coordinate, vent and build consensus. Further, the resulting dissent, when it occurred made the movement more relevant by extending the movement and mobilizing individuals in complementary areas, driven by economic incentives. The OS repertoire of open entrepreneurship also facilitated mobilization, making the movement more influential.
Social Impact and Information Systems, action repertoires, bitcoin, mobilization, open entrepreneurship, open source
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