My Security: An interactive search engine for cybersecurity

Sun, Nan
Zhang, Jun
Gao, Shang
Zhang, Leo Yu
Camtepe, Seyit
Xiang, Yang
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Large volumes of Cybersecurity-related data is generated every day from various sources at high speed to adapt to the fast-evolving landscape of cybersecurity. It drives the emergence of challenges such as the efficient gathering of in-demand information from unstructured and heterogeneous data sources. After collecting sufficient data, it is hard for users to understand the message hidden behind without adequate security domain knowledge. To help address this problem, in this paper, we present My Security, an innovative search engine for gathering, managing, and understanding cybersecurity-related data. My Security is based on a novel indexing approach that stores both the information of data sources (e.g., publication date, authorship) and the pragmatics messages, including security category (e.g., ransomware, data breach) and corresponding security components (e.g., time of the event, impacted systems). With the established index, users can retrieve cybersecurity information through comprehensive approaches. Fetched results are provided with interpretations leveraged from pragmatics indexing. Additional data mining and visualization techniques enhance the interactivity of My Security by presenting the retrieved results in a clear and comprehensible manner with cybersecurity expertise. It is demonstrated that My Security is efficient at satisfying users' requirements for searching security data and helping people gain better insights into cybersecurity.
Organizational Cybersecurity: Advanced Cyber Defense, Cyber Analytics, and Security, cybersecurity, information retrieval, data mining, visualization, search engine
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