Privacy in Transport? Exploring Perceptions of Location Privacy Through User Segmentation

Becker, Ingolf
Posner, Rebecca
Islam, Tasmina
Ekblom, Paul
Borrion, Hervé
Mcguire, Michael
Li, Shujun
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Unanticipated accumulation and dissemination of accurate location information flows is the latest iteration of the privacy debate. This mixed-methods research contributes a grounded understanding of risk perceptions, enablers and barriers to privacy preserving behaviour in a cyber-physical environment. We conducted the first representative survey on internet privacy concerns, cyber and physical risk taking, privacy victimisation, usage of location sharing apps and transport choices in the UK with 466 participants. The responses segregated participants into four distinct, novel clusters (cyber risk takers, physical risk takers, transport innovators, and risk abstainers) with cross-validated prediction accuracy of 92%. In the second part of the study, we qualitatively explored these clusters through 12 homogeneous focus groups with 6 participants each. The predominant themes of the groups matched their clusters with little overlap between the groups. The differences in risk perception and behaviours varied greatly between the clusters. Future transport systems, apps and websites that rely on location data therefore need a more personalised approach to information provision surrounding location sharing. Failing to recognise these differences could lead to reduced data sharing, riskier sharing behaviour or even total avoidance of new forms of technology in transport.
Location Intelligence Research, connected transport, location privacy, mixed methods, privacy types, user segmentation
10 pages
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Proceedings of the 54th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
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