Implementing Electric Consent Aimed at People Living with Dementia and Their Caregivers: Did We Forget Those Who Forget?

O' Connor, Yvonne
Twohig, Ian
O'Brien, Leona
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As policy flows down from law/regulation (e.g. GDPR) and/or individual privacy concerns give rise to demands on improving accessibility, awareness and comprehension, the topic of electronic consent (or eConsent) is becoming more prevalent. We provide a critical voice by considering, but also challenging, the underlying assumptions that the status quo of eConsent design and implementation is appropriate for all people in society. While on-going efforts are focusing on enhancing the eConsent process, there is still room for improvement. The “one size fits all” ethos is not applicable in every context. This paper makes us aware of the different ethical, legal, social and technical implications of ICT use by senior citizens and provides an opportunity to create discourse in this area. It argues that future research examining the effectiveness of innovative ICTs must take the eConsent process into account.
Seniors' Use of Digital Resources, dementia, design, electronic consent, privacy, technology
Access Rights
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