Towards a Reference Architecture for Female-Sensitive Drug Management

Mateja, Deborah
Bartels, Evita Alieke
Oberste, Luis
Herm, Lukas-Valentin
Danelski, Alexa
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Due to various biological factors, males and females differ in their response to drug treatment. However, there is still a lack of knowledge of the effects resulting from sex-differences in the medical field, especially due to the issue of underrepresentation of females in clinical studies. Considering severe diseases that are related to the cardiovascular system, which are likely to be perilous, counteracting this lack and emphasizing the need for sex-dependent drug treatment is of high importance. Thus, this research-in-progress paper aims at strengthening the female perspective in drug management by proposing design considerations on IS regarding recommender systems in healthcare for reinforcing shared decision-making and person-centered care. The resulting artefact presented will be a reference architecture with a mobile application as the interface to patients and healthcare professionals as well as a data- driven backend to collect and process data on sex specificity in the medical treatment of cardiovascular diseases (CVD).
Personal Health and Wellness Management with Technologies, gender inequity, healthcare, person-centered care, recommender systems, shared decision-making
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