GPS Tracking in Dementia Caregiving: Social Norm, Perceived Usefulness, and Behavioral Intent to Use Technology

Sun, Yao
Kim, Hye Min
Xu, Yusi
Wang, Yunwen
Kwong, Jillian
Kim, Steffie
Kim, Do Own
Mclaughlin, Margaret
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Remote monitoring technology has taken a place in dementia caregiving by providing assistive tools such as tracking devices using Global Positioning Systems (GPS). Nevertheless, caregivers’ attitudes toward this technology are still inconclusive, and the factors leading up to their behavioral intent to use the technology remain unclear. Based on a survey of 202 dementia caregivers, our analysis with structural equation modeling demonstrates that care recipients’ (i.e., persons with dementia) wandering, caregivers’ concern, as well as caregivers’ smartphone usage positively predict caregivers’ behavioral intent to use GPS tracking devices. Meanwhile, social norm and perceived usefulness of technology mediate the relationship between individual attributes and behavioral intent. Theoretical and practical implications are discussed.
Personal Health and Wellness Management with Technologies, caregiving, dementia, perceived usefulness, social norm, tracking
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