Toward Preventing Cascading Blackouts: Vulnerability and Criticality Stress Metrics

Hossain, Md
Davies, Donald
Bodson, Marc
Merrill, Hyde
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An approach is presented for measuring the susceptibility of power systems to cascading blackouts. A failure network and an analysis method are proposed, based on line outage distribution factors. The structure and properties of this network are analyzed with metrics that quantify stress. The metrics can be computed rapidly, so that they are feasible for use in real-time operations as well as for planning and post-mortems. The studies presented are remarkable for use of real, large-scale data for the entire Western Interconnection of North America, with more than 26,000 branches. The metrics are consistent with expectations in different seasonal and loading conditions. Metrics for a pre-blackout reconstruction show that the system was highly stressed and correctly identified the most vulnerable and critical areas and branches. Lowering stress is a serious candidate for reducing risk of cascading.
Resilient Networks, blackouts, cascading, cascading failure networks, power system reliability, stress metrics
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