Online Cooperative Feedback Control of Residential Community Microgrids with 100% Renewable Energy

Zuo, Kunyu
Wu, Lei
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The emerging of renewable distributed energy resources (DER) in the residential community opens the door to forming a residential community microgrid for enhancing energy resiliency when the main grid is out of service. However, traditional microgrid controls via the hierarchical feedforward tertiary, secondary, and primary control framework may not be effective for such residential community microgrids, because of high volatility, low inertia, and insufficiency of DERs along with limited supporting facilities. This paper discusses an online feedback scheme, which cooperates the three control layers in real time to ensure operational stability of the microgrid. Besides, to economically dispatch scarce DERs in the tertial feedback control, this paper deduces an increment cost model of battery storage assets based on their degradation costs and depth of discharges. The model is of low computational complexity, thus can be naturally embedded in the proposed online cooperative feedback control scheme to calculate marginal price in real-time. Small-signal analysis and Simulink simulation are conducted to illustrate stability of the proposed online cooperative feedback control scheme, and its economic advantages over the traditional feedforward control scheme.
Monitoring, Control and Protection, feedback control, microgrid
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