A Novel Approach for Security Analysis using Shift Factors for Limited Synchrophasor Observability

Abu-Jaradeh, Backer
Beshir, Mohammed
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The adoption of synchrophasor technology has increased rapidly in the past decade. Many system operators have made synchrophasor applications available to operators, to reveal hidden operating conditions, and increase grid resiliency. The development of Linear State Estimation provided an innovative method to solve system states linearly at a faster rate, and serve as a backup to EMS should the conventional State Estimator fail to solve. Advanced applications were developed to take advantage of LSE solution to provide operators with alternative contingency analysis applications using synchrophasors data [6]. However, currently explored applications are presumed to run iteratively every couple of minutes, and therefore not taking advantage of high resolution of measurements available in synchrophasors. This work proposes a method to monitor system limits by leveraging linearization methods for contingency analysis, to better utilize the benefits of synchrophasors. Also, a practical approach is proposed to handle lack of full observability, to ensure tool operability with the industry infrastructure.
Monitoring, Control and Protection, linear state estimator, phasor measurement unit, pmu, security analysis, synchrophasors
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